Investigative report on Bulli Bai app: Exclusive access from its developer

New Delhi: In the fiery Bulli Bai app case police have detained three students for spreading hate against Muslim women. It has been alleged by the police that the 18-year-old girl Swati was the mastermind of the case. 

Our investigative team has gone through the case and tried to do scan all possible angles. First, we have tried to find the first tweet, using OSINT, which was done on Twitter. Our team has detected that the first tweet was done from the @sage0x11 account which now has been suspended by Twitter. 

The first tweet from @sage0x11

@jattkhalsa7, @bullibai_, @copingmeme, and @wannabesigmaf accounts were also used to promote the app. 

The one account @bullibai_ was traced by the crime branch which were having only 6-7 followers. Those followers were @jatkhalsa7, @sage0x11, @copingmeme, and  @hmmachaniceoki (the last one was Vishal’s private account pretending as Sikh). @hmmachaniceoki was the only account that has access from India and have a Sikh identity. No tweets regarding the BB app were made from Vishal’s account. Most probably as the account had very few followers so the crime branch think that he could be the creator. Vishal had changed his bio to some Khalistani account to troll farm laws.

Images designed on Photoshop by the developer(from his desktop)

Neo Politico traced the Email used to develop the BB app

The app was created in November which was launched recently. We reached the creator who didn’t want his identity to be revealed. The account was created on GitHub by using as the source mail. Here is the source code which was used to build the app. 

Source Code

NP has access to the data of all females whose photos were used

A total of 102 Twitter accounts were used to gain the data of all women. NP has access to all the usernames listed in the data of the BB app. The developer has made the app to troll all the women who mocked the Ram Mandir’s construction. 

Developer receives mail from Indian Computer Response Team

After the outcry over the app, the Indian computer Response team has requested the details of the developer from GitHub. The information was later shared with the developer. As per the policies of GitHub, they inform their users about the requests made by the government. 

The mail forwarded by GitHub to the developer

The developer shared all the information with our team. Here is the archive page of the BB app.

What the Mail reads

The mail sent to GitHub reads “This is with reference to the publishing of women photos in objectionable. the manner at GitHub Pages site: (Refer: In this regard, you are requested to send us registration and access logs of the GitHub Account/Creator, associated repository/repositories, logs of site visit/views, and repository download along with any other relevant data related to this. Here is a copy of the full email.

Copy of the full mail

Why Shweta was arrested

Based on the followers of the official account of Bullibai app’s Twitter account, the police have arrested Vishal Jha. Shweta was in contact with Vishal. So detained by the police for inquiry. 

GitHub has suspended the account

Who is the mastermind

An alleged Tribal developer who wants to be named Giyu is the mastermind behind the BB app. He has access to the GitHub account. The Neo Politico team has all the access including the password used to login into the GitHub account.  

This is part 1 of our investigative report. In the next report, we will share how all the students were made accused by the media and interviews of their family members.

This report consumed time, hard work and money as a raw material to produce truth. Neo Politico needs your support in producing more reports like this. 

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