Exclusive interview of Neeraj Bishnoi: Just before he gets arrested

New Delhi: The Delhi Police’s Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit of the special cell has arrested the main conspirator and creator of the ‘Bulli Bai’ app on Github. The accused has been identified as Neeraj Bishnoi resident of Jorhat in Assam. He has been sent to 7-day police custody.

Whereas the Mumbai Police have detained three students for allegedly spreading hate against Muslim women. It was once alleged by the police that the 18-year-old girl Sweta Singh was the mastermind of the case. 

Shubham Sharma, the editor-in-chief of NP, has exclusively talked to Neeraj Bishnoi just hours before he got arrested. 

Bishnoi is a student of Btech at VIT Bhopal. Neeraj Bishnoi, who was using an anonymous Twitter account, approached Shubham regarding the case. In that conversation, he introduced himself as the developer of the app. 

Neeraj Bishnoi, who wanted to be anonymous throughout the interview, told that he built the app in November 2021. He also shared the source code, the email he used for the GitHub account, the password, and the security token. 

When Shubham asked Neeraj why Vishal has been arrested he replied that he had only followed his account. 

“He only changed his name to Sikh for fun. He didn’t do any auction, didn’t like or didn’t rt, or didn’t even tweet”, Bishnoi told NP. 

“His account was private and all he is being arrested for following my account”; Bishnoi added.

When Shubham asked for more clarity and proof. He shared the account details which he created and their followers’ list. 

Neeraj told that @sage0x11, which now has been suspended by Twitter, was his account. There he tweeted about the BuliiBai app.  

Neeraj’s other alt accounts were jattkhalsa7, @bullibai_, @copingmeme, and @wannabesigmaf which had been used to promote the app. 

The one account @bullibai_ was traced by the crime branch which were having only 6-7 followers. Those followers were @jatkhalsa7 @sage0x11 @copingmeme  @hmmachaniceoki (the last one was Vishal’s private account pretending as Sikh). 

Neeraj reiterated that Vishal didn’t even tweet. 

“Vishal didn’t even tweet. He didn’t do ANYTHING. Vishal just changed his bio to some Khalistani account for fun”, Neeraj added. 

While speaking on Vishal Jha, Neeraj told Shubham that an account named Paisa Wala(@amirladka) has some personal feuds with Vishal. 

“He must have seen Vishal as one of the followers of that account and thought he is behind the app or something. ‘Paisa Wala’ informed the police”, Neeraj added. 

On asking why he targeted those women he explained that it was the troll-type web page where the most targeted were journalists who wrote propagandist articles against Ram Mandir.

Neeraj forwarded us the list of 102 Twitter accounts whose profiles he wanted to use. 

“I was about to leave Twitter on New Year, Wanted to do this last thing”

Neeraj while telling about the details of the alleged app has told that he was about to leave Twitter on New Year. But before leaving twitter he wanted to troll those journalists who targeted the Ram Mandir construction. 

This Email was used to build the BB app

The account was created on Gitbug by using vedxdd@protonmail.com email id. Neeraj has also shared the password of the account. 

Neeraj received the mail from Indian Computer Response Team

Here Neeraj has explained that just after some Right Wing handles passed this information to the left-wing handles, the news has gone viral. Afterwhich, the Indian computer Response team has requested the details of the developer from GitHub. The information was later passed by GitHub to the developer. As per the policies of GitHub, they inform their users about the requests made by the government. Neeraj shared the copy of that mail with Neo Politico. 

E-Mail received by Neeraj Bishnoi

Shweta has no access, neither promoted

On asking why Shweta has been detained, Neeraj said that she was also framed by the RW handles. Neeraj blamed the same handle @amirladka for the girl’s arrest. 

“All three accounts were mine. She was detained because she was in contact with Vishal. In the news reports they are saying it’s Shweta’s account while she doesn’t even have login credentials to either of the account”, Neeraj explained. 

“Vishal and Shweta were friends, had phone numbers of one another”, he added.

Mayank had nothing to do with the app

Every media portal was giving stress to the third accused Mayank Rawal while Neeraj had refuted his involvement. Neeraj told Shubham that he was the only non-anonymous account. 

“Unfortunately he was non-anonymous. He had nothing to do with the app. They(police) must have got lead from Shweta. Shweta was arrested because Vishal was arrested who was totally innocent”, Neeraj commented. 

“All Vishal’s crime was that he was following @bullibai_, but he didn’t tweet anything. so they just arrested a follower and claimed him to be accused. Bulli Bai’s account has only 6-7 followers that’s why they arrested the followers”, Neeraj added. 

Neeraj also shared the archive page link of the Bulli Bai to show that no auction was made or intended to do. 

Neeraj forwarded the Fake news spread by India Today

While refuting the involvement of Vishal Jha, Neeraj forwarded the fake media stories which were blaming the duo. He said that Vishal didn’t do anything and IT is claiming that Vishal was involved in editing the pics. Neeraj also revealed that all pictures were generated by a python script, not by editing.

After a few hours, Neeraj got arrested 

After talking to Shubham Sharma, he was arrested by the Delhi Police from his residence in Assam. He requested the NP team not to reveal his identity. Neeraj wanted to be identified as Giyu. 

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