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Only 0.67% of SC-ST act cases found true in court trials, Government data says

New Delhi: In an answer given to the MPs of Rajya Sabha, GOI reveals the total number of Dalit atrocity cases that turned out true in the courts. The report suggests that the conviction percentage is even less than 1 percent in many of the states. 

A total of 41793 cases of crime or atrocities against Dalits and a total of 7815 cases of crime against tribal people were recorded in the year 2019.

Also, the number of people who got compensation under the act has increased by nearly 150 percent in the last 4 years.  

Bihar has recorded 6540 cases of crimes or atrocities against Dalits but only 44 were stand out true in the court trials. Whereas, a total of 97 cases of the SC-ST act were filed by the STs but only 2 were found true. The conviction rate was around 0.67% and 2.06 respectively. 

Uttar Pradesh has the most number of cases of crime against SCs – 9451 cases, which is 22.61% of the total such cases in the country. It is followed by Rajasthan with 6659 cases (15.9% of all cases), Bihar (15.6%), and Madhya Pradesh (12.6%).

In terms of cases filed by the STs, UP has seen a hike of 600% in the last year. As per details, 705 cases were registered but only 1 case was turned out true during trials. 

Kerala, Karnataka: 

Both states have a conviction rate of slightly more than 1 percent. In Karnataka, the number of cases of the SC-ST act was 1733. Whereas the conviction rate was only 1.67%. 

In Kerala, the average conviction rate under the PoA Act for cases of atrocities against Dalits and Adivasis remained at 1.76%. 

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