Tired of twelve cases of SC-ST act, Jaat family demands death sentence in Aligarh

"Tired of the regular false cases of atrocities, we have now demanded a death sentence for us"; Devi told NP.

Lucknow: A Jaat family from the Aligarh district of the state has demanded a death sentence or euthanasia from the Chief Minister.

The members of the family have been booked under twelve different cases of the SC-ST act and majority of their male members were sent to jail. In a conversation with Neo Politico, Munni Devi, an old woman of the family, explained how their happy life turned into hell. “Tired of the regular false cases of atrocities, we have now demanded a death sentence for us”; Devi told NP.

“They sent our sons to jail and seized our land and properties. What we can do expect demanding death for us”, She added.

‘Cases for compensation’

In an application to the SP of Aligarh, the family said that they were first booked in 2012 for which the Dalit family had received a good amount as compensation. It is alleged that the Dalit family has received more than 40 lakhs as compensation. The heavy compensation for filing cases has opened a pandora box and it prompts them to file more and more cases. In these cases, all the male members of the family were booked and the local police, without doing any investigation, sent them to jail.

Yogi to visit Aligarh

Just a day before Yogi Aditya Nath’s scheduled visit to the district, the family pinned a poster of euthanasia at their doors. Now, the poster is doing rounds on social media which forced the police to act on the case. SP Palash Bansal has assured the family that the police would look at their cases and do the needful.

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