Man Commits Suicide in Karnataka After False SC-ST Act Case: Leaves Behind Wife and Two Sons

Bengaluru: In a shocking turn of events, a man from the Shiruru tollgate in Karnataka committed suicide after being booked in a false Dalit atrocity case. The man, identified as Suresh Poojari, was found dead on February 9.

According to reports, Suresh Poojari had been facing legal troubles for the past six months after the case was registered against him. Despite multiple attempts to seek bail from the lower court and high court, finally, the supreme court granted him bail. The false case took a toll on Suresh Poojari’s life and career as he was suspended from his job for the last six months. The emotional stress and financial strain proved to be too much for him, leading him to take this drastic step.

According to sources close to the man’s family, the false accusations had taken a severe toll on his mental health and well-being. Despite repeated attempts to clear his name and prove his innocence, the man was unable to overcome the stigma attached to the case and ultimately took the drastic step of ending his life.

Suresh Poojari is survived by his wife and two sons. The tragedy has caused widespread shock on social media. The incident has once again highlighted the need for a fair and just legal system, where innocent individuals are not wrongly accused and subjected to immense trauma and suffering. The local authorities have promised a thorough investigation into the matter, and the family of the deceased is demanding justice for their loved one.

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