Rohingya Connection in Mewat Riots: Secret Interview of Mohammad Amir Exposed Truth

In a tumultuous turn of events, violent clashes erupted in the Nooh district of Haryana, India, fanning the flames of Hindu-Muslim tensions. The conflagration that engulfed the region not only shook the nation but also concealed the underlying causes of these riots and the dire situation of Hindus within the district. Recognizing these reasons, our team embarked on a journey to Nooh for on-ground reporting.

Our journey was laden with challenges due to the imposition of curfews. After reaching Ballabhgarh by metro and opting for a bus to Hodal, we set our sights on the distant village of Nangal Jat. The road to Nooh was eerily deserted, with hardly a soul in sight. Despite warnings of danger, our determination to reach Nooh remained resolute.

While en route, we encountered a car headed towards Nangal Jat, situated 35 kilometers from Nooh. Struggling to find transport, a kind villager, without even asking our names, offered us his motorcycle to continue our journey. This act of generosity was a stark reminder that humanity can still shine even in these trying times.

Although we secured a motorcycle to reach Nooh, the generous Samaritan cautioned us about potential dangers on the road, highlighting the risk of being stopped and questioned. With this advice ringing in our ears, we set out again, determined to reach our destination. Despite a brief encounter with someone attempting to intercept us, we pressed on, our hearts pounding with the fear of retracing our steps.

Arriving at a petrol pump, we encountered an individual who revealed a truth that sent shivers down our spines. He shared advice that we should remove our religious symbols and prayer beads, suggesting that these might attract unwelcome attention and danger. Despite his counsel, we continued our journey.

As we journeyed through villages, we encountered a Rohingya Muslim who had sought refuge in India since 2013, escaping the tumultuous situation in Myanmar. He disclosed that many Rohingya Muslims were residing illegally in Nooh. Mohammad Amir, a Rohingya, told us that he is using a sim card and mobile with the help of an Indian Muslim. Indian Muslims are helping him to set up contacts across the border.

Our path was not without its share of challenges. Stone-pelting incidents were commonplace, often targeting Hindu neighborhoods and even temples. We heard firsthand accounts of clashes that persisted for hours, pitting different communities against each other.

Encounter of Dalits with Muslims

Nooh is home to a significant population of Jatav and Bhagat Dalit communities. They often find themselves in the crosshairs of Muslim resentment. An interviewee attested to the fact that a clash could have turned deadly were it not for the timely intervention of Hindu youths who stood their ground against a hostile mob.

The violence also extended to a Shiv temple, where jihadists launched an attack. However, the unity of the Hindu community thwarted further destruction.

In the wake of the clashes, Hindus in the region live in fear, resorting to guarding their neighborhoods through night watches. A child informed us that families now take turns staying awake, fearing reprisals after the police leave.

In light of these developments, there is a growing call for the establishment of a permanent unit of the Rapid Action Force in the Mevati region. For now, police forces and the Rapid Action Force have been deployed in significant numbers to maintain order.

The clashes have unearthed deep-seated tensions and have left communities wary of each other. The situation remains tense, and the scars of this episode will take time to heal. As we conclude our ground reporting, the echoes of communal strife serve as a stark reminder of the need for unity and understanding in these tumultuous times.

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