20 Priests booked under SC-ST act for stopping woman from entering prohibited zone

Chennai: Hours after the priests accused a lady of stealing a vessel from the temple and stopped her from standing on the prohibited zone, 20 temple priests have been booked under the SC-ST act by the lady. Priests employed at Chidambaram Natarajar temple in Tamil Nadu are blamed in the FIR for allegedly stopping a scheduled caste woman from praying while standing on a platform inside the temple.

However, the temple priests refused the allegations made by the woman. Also, the woman was trying to stand on a platform known as the Kanagasabai platform which is prohibited for the devotees. As per the rules, devotees can not pray from the Kanagasabai platform but the lady was ardent to break this rule. 

The Kanagasabai platform has been assigned only for the priests to stand and pray as a Covid-19 measure by the temple authority. However, the woman has made this an issue of pride and registered a case of atrocity against the priests. 

Before woman, a priest was also stopped

This rule also applied to priests who are not assigned for doing Pooja by the temple authorities. As per media reports, this is the second such incident reported in the temple. Earlier, Ganesh, who was also a Priest, had tried to pray from the Kanagasabai platform. But, he was stopped and was suspended from entering the temple. 

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