A popular case of Vishnu Tiwari who was acquitted after 20 years by the High Court.

SC-ST Act court acquits accused in 90% cases, included 24 years old cases: Report

Lucknow (Bureau):  The SC-ST Act has been the cause of controversy for the past several years. After the decision of the Supreme Court, the country also saw two big Pan India shutdowns. While the Dalit class insists on making it extremely rigid, the non-Dalit class considers it to be a black law used by the Dalits to persecute others.

Our team has examined the judgments given by the SC-ST court and prepared a detailed report on its effectiveness. Firstly, a detailed report of all the districts of Uttar Pradesh.

In this report, NP has included the orders of the SC-ST Court of Jaunpur district in the year 2021 from January 1 to April 30.

In a period of 4 months, the court has given its verdict on about 16 cases related to the SC-ST Act. All these decisions have been examined and tested by our team. Many cases were pending for the last 23 years where the accused have been acquitted after completion of the trial by the court.

Released after nearly 5 years, was accused in gang rape and SC ST Act

A Dalit family living in a village under Kerakat police station in Jaunpur had made false statements from their minor daughter and made Dheeraj Yadav and Sanjay Yadav of the village accused of gang rape. The police had accused both the innocent youths under IPC 354 A, 376D, 506, POXO Act and 3 (2) 5 SC/ST Act on the basis of the complaint. The court found that the medical report disputed gang rape charges. At the same time, the victim had filed false statements in court under the pressure of her family members. In view of all the facts, the court has ordered the accused to be released immediately, absolving the accused.

After 24 years, the court freed 4 falsely accused people

In case number 158/1996  recorded in the police station Khutahan area of ​​the district, four Rajput community persons were accused of saying casteist slur and in the assault. Unfortunately during the trial, two alleged accused Dayashankar Singh and Ramshankar Singh had died. In this case, which lasted for more than two decades, the accused party faced many quandaries. The court, in its judgment, pronounced on 8 February, ordered to release of the remaining two accused, Kedar Nath Singh and Hanuman Singh, who was acquitted.

SC ST Act imposed on three school teachers, found innocent after three years

Three teachers of the Maa Krishna Saraswati Junior High School in the district were booked for beating the student and uttering racist words. All three teachers Gopal Prajapati, Dharmendra Vishwakarma and Rahul Yadav were accused by the family in case number 158/2018 under police station Jalalpur. The court found that no such incident had happened to the children.

After 23 years, 3 accused acquitted, Land dispute was the reason

In her judgment, SC/ST Court Special Judge Shazia Nazar Zaidi acquitted three accused Satyanarayana Srivastava, Jaganarayan Srivastava and Sushil Shrivastava in the nearly 23-year-old case. The three were charged with assault and uttering casteist words. The court, in its hearing, found that there was a dispute between the two about the land, due to which a case was filed in the rivalry.

8 accused acquitted in a 20-year-old case

A case was registered in 8 sections including the SC/ST Act, which was registered on 8 people of the same family. The court acquitted all the accused and found the case to be related to crop irrigation. Many of the convicts were not even present at the scene during the stated time. Even then, their name was dragged down. The court acquitted all the accused and acquitted them of all charges.

Innocent acquitted in nearly 90 percent of the cases, punishment in only 1 case

The court has dealt with about 16 cases related to the SC-ST Act in the first four months of this year. In all these cases, only 2 cases were found by the court to be correct and only one was punished. In all other cases, the court acquitted the accused due to false falsehoods.

These cases also included 24-year-old cases. Accusing only 12 per cent of the cases found guilty by the SC-ST Court, the accused were convicted.

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