Dalit Kid Case: Viral audio of victim refutes ‘casteism angle’, no ‘water pot’ at School

Jaipur: The case of a 9-year-old dalit student who allegedly died after getting slapped for touching a drinking water pot, has turned into a new way. Audio provided by the kins of Chail Singh to Neo Politico shows that matter is unrelated to any caste or has no relation to a drinking water pot. Also, the majority of the teachers, working at the school, belong to the SC category. The school has eight teachers and 5 of them comes from the Dalit community. All teachers who talk on the condition of anonymity have rejected the allegation of casteism.

No water pot in school

In our investigation, it is revealed by the teachers and staff that there is no drinking water pot available at Saraswati Vidya Mandir. After the involvement of the Bhim Army and other Dalit organization, the matter was turned into a case of casteism.

One teacher Gatram Meghwal who also comes from the Meghwal community has refuted all the claims made up by the media and the victim’s family. While speaking to the media, Meghwal said that he never observed any type of discrimination at the school.

“I am teaching here for the last 6 years but have never seen any discrimination. There is no water pot available here and all students go to the water tank for their needs”; Meghwal told local media.

Audio refutes the angle of casteism

In the viral call audio, which took place between the father of the deceased and Chail Singh, no one has discussed the matter of casteism or drinking water from a pot. The audio also gives weight to the claims of the school staff. In the audio, the duo can be heard discussing that the deceased student was slapped for his misbehaviour and which was later approved by the father. In the audio, while approving the behaviour of the teacher, Father can be heard saying that it’s Chail Singh’s right to slap but he should have used a stick instead of a hand. Nowhere the father claims that his son was beaten for touching a water pot. Here is the full transcript of the audio:

Father: He got injuries from the slap

Teacher: I am not remembering the incident, maybe… he was doing some fun that’s why I scolded him.

Father: You scolded him right, but he got injuries.

Teacher: What can I do, I can help you by providing medical help.

Father: There is no issue with medical help but his one arm and one leg are not working.

Teacher: I’m ready to admit if it’s my fault, but didn’t do it intentionally.

Father: You do not have the right to hit the ear, could have hit with a stick, now doctors are telling that there is a Vein which get blocked in the head.

Teacher: I didn’t hit hard. He might be suffering from a disease.

Father: The child was not ill, has been coming to study for the last 3 years.

Teacher: Yes, he comes daily.

Father: So if you do this, how will it work? I have already spent 50-60 thousand Rs.

Teacher: I am ready to pay, but I did not hit hard enough to cause pain.

Father: That only doctor can say.

Teacher: That’s true but I didn’t hit hard.

Father: Child is small, you must have hit on the ear, so it got hurt. Doctors are saying that they need to admit him for five days,

Teacher: Brother, I am ready to pay the expenses and what should I do?

Father: Expenses… it will be good if he starts speaking after the treatment. Doctors are saying for the operation.

Teacher: I did not do this intentionally, I am ready to pay the cost of the operation.

Father: You have the right to beat but not in this manner.

Teacher: Right, but listen, I’m handling the whole school. If he was doing more fun then I may have said something and if it is a mistake then I am ready to accept it.

Father: Yes but a teacher should not beat in this manner.

Teacher: I am not remembering too much but it wouldn’t have happened, Devji.

Father: No, no I am not saying this, doctors are saying. What doctors are saying would be important.

Teacher: I am ready to bear the expenses.

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