Mukesh Sharma was recovered from a Highway situated in Aligarh.

Brahmin boy who was forced to drink ‘urine’ by ‘Dalits’ puts under house arrest in Aligarh

Lucknow: Mahesh Sharma(Name changed to maintain anonymity) who was kidnapped and forced to drink urine has been put under house arrest by the UP police. Mahesh along with his family was planning to end their lives on August 15, the day when the whole country would mark 75 years of independence.

The victim,  a 21-year-old young boy, is a resident of Aligarh who was kidnapped for four months and was abused for his Brahmin identity. He was later recovered from a highway with tied hands.

His mother Rajkumari Sharma, in a conversation with the NP, has said that her family was planning to meet CM Yogi but was later put under house arrest by the police. She has complained about the ill behaviour of the Aligarh Police.

“Kidnapped By Dalits”

In her letter to CM Yogi, Rajkumari Sharma said that her son was abducted by the accused who comes from the Dalit community. The accused had also put a false case of the SC-ST act on the family which later proved false.

“On February 24 my younger son was kidnapped by a Dalit family. They held prisoner him for four months and forced him to drink urine. He was beaten and drugged by the accused”; her letter reads.

The video was shooted by the villagers.

While speaking to Neo Politico, Rajkumari has said that the accused was using the public land for their animals. On objection, the accused had beaten them many times. Six months ago they kidnapped Mahesh Sharma from his house but the police had not taken any action. After 4 months of torture, Mahesh was thrown on a highway with tied hands.

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