Christmas: Christianity outnumbered Hindus in 3 states, Hindu population decreased in Devbhumi, and Muslims increased in every state

As India prepares to celebrate the festive season of Christmas, it’s a moment to reflect on the evolving demographics across the nation. Recent reports from the Pew Research Center shed light on the remarkable rise in the Christian population, particularly in specific states, bringing forth interesting shifts in India’s religious landscape.

Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya stand as states where Christians constitute over 75 percent of the population. These states showcase the substantial prevalence of Christianity, with significant majorities embracing the faith. Additionally, Kerala boasts the largest number of Christians in India, representing about 22 percent of the country’s Christian population.

The period between 2001 and 2011 witnessed noteworthy changes in the Christian population across various states. Arunachal Pradesh observed a substantial rise of 12 percentage points, reaching 30 percent, while Manipur and Meghalaya saw increases of 7 and 4 percentage points, respectively. Even Sikkim experienced a 3-point rise, showcasing a growing Christian presence in these regions.

Hindu Population Declines

Contrastingly, the Hindu population displayed a decline in certain states, notably in the northeastern regions. States like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Assam, and Sikkim observed a reduction in the Hindu population by 3 percentage points or more. This demographic shift hints at changing religious dynamics within these states.

StateChristian Population (in millions)Change in Christian PopulationHindu Population ChangeMuslim Population Change
Nagaland2Slight decrease
Meghalaya3Slight increase
Tamil Nadu4Increase by 0.6
Arunachal PradeshIncrease by 12%Decrease by 6%
ManipurIncrease by 7%Decrease by 5%
AssamDecrease by 3%
SikkimIncrease by 3%Decrease by 3%
West BengalDecrease by 2%Increase by 2%
UttarakhandDecrease by 2%Increase by 2%

Beyond the northeastern territories, alterations in religious compositions were also evident. In West Bengal, the Hindu share decreased by 2 percentage points, while the Muslim population increased by the same margin. A similar pattern emerged in Uttarakhand, with a 2-point decrease in the Hindu share and a 2-point increase in the Muslim population.

Christianity flourished in TN

Tamil Nadu, situated in the southern part of the country, witnessed substantial growth in its Christian population, with an increase of 600,000 individuals. This rise, despite the region’s lower fertility rates, underscores a significant demographic transformation. Similarly, Meghalaya also experienced a similar surge, highlighting contrasting fertility rates compared to Tamil Nadu.

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