Kanpur: Clash ensues over abusing Hindu gods in Bauddh Katha, 5 Brahmins arrested, SC-ST Act imposed

In a heated confrontation between two communities in Kanpur’s Pahewa village, a clash ensued over accusations of derogatory remarks made against Hindu gods and Brahmin priests during a ‘Buddha Katha’ event. The incident led to the arrest of five Brahmin men under the SC-ST Act, escalating tensions between the upper caste and Dalit communities. Police booked the case against Chandra Bhan Mishra, Golu Mishra, Shivam Mishra, Jeetu Mishra, Arun Kotedar, Kinnar Mishra, Vishambhar Mishra, and Manish Tewari.

According to initial reports, a group from the Dalit community organized a ‘Buddha Katha’ event in the village, which purportedly turned contentious when allegations of abusing Hindu deities surfaced. The upper caste community raised objections, claiming that the organizers had disparaged Hindu gods and their community during the event. A letter was also given to the police where the Hindus had requested to take action against the organizers.

Upon investigation, our reporters obtained videos showcasing inflammatory statements allegedly made by the event’s organizers. Archana Bauddh, one of the speakers, was seen using derogatory language against revered Hindu figures such as Bhagwan Shri Ram and Durga Mata. Additionally, Vipul Bauddh was recorded urging Dalits to discard idols and branding idol worship as sinful.

Initially, the police dismissed claims of any anti-Hindu activity occurring at the ‘Buddha Katha.’ However, as incriminating videos surfaced on social media, the authorities revised their stance, promising a thorough investigation into the matter. Despite the incendiary content of the videos, no immediate arrests have been made, fueling discontent among those aggrieved by the derogatory remarks.

The situation remains tense, with both communities at odds over the perceived insults to their religious beliefs. The incident has sparked debates on freedom of expression, religious tolerance, and the boundaries of discourse within communities, prompting a deeper examination of cultural sensitivities and legal repercussions for such contentious speech.

Authorities assure the public that a comprehensive probe is underway to address the allegations and maintain communal harmony, emphasizing the need for a fair and just resolution that respects all religious sentiments involved in this polarizing incident.

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