51% Hindu students in UK face bullying and discrimination, report finds

The report on ‘Hinduphobia’ being practiced in UK schools has sparked outrage among the Hindu community. According to a study conducted by the Henry Jackson Society, 51% of the parents surveyed shared that their children had been bullied in one way or another, with some students even having beef thrown at them.

The study also found that inappropriate religious education, which amplified misconceptions surrounding the Indian caste system and Hindu deities, added to the mockery of Hindu pupils in the UK’s classrooms. Research fellow Charlotte Littlewood interviewed 988 Hindu parents and surveyed more than 1000 schools in the United Kingdom for the study.

The findings have prompted calls for action from the UK government to address the issue of Hinduphobia in schools. The Hindu Forum of Britain has expressed concern over the lack of attention given to this issue, and urged authorities to take immediate steps to prevent further instances of discrimination and harassment.

The report has been met with widespread condemnation, with many people taking to social media to express their shock and dismay at the treatment of Hindu students in UK schools. The Henry Jackson Society has called for urgent action to be taken to address this issue, and to ensure that all students are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their religion or background.

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