Man jailed under SC-ST act demands euthanasia from PM Modi

New Delhi: A Young man who spent days in jail has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allow mercy killing for him. 

He was jailed under the SC-ST act in a political rivalry case. Ravi Pandey(24) submitted a petition to the PM at the grievance redressal portal. In his letter, he wrote, “I had applied for removal of SC / ST Act, financial assistance and free education. But none of these points were considered by the Hon’ble Raj Bhavan and the Hon’ble Governor and till now I have faced the problem of severe unemployment due to the SC-ST act. I am compelled to commit suicide”. 

Ravi Pandey, who lives in Ballia, spoke to the editor of the Neo Politico where he addressed that how his lovely life has been spoiled by this act. 

“Due to this act, I have faced the bars of the jail. My study was suffered. Now due to this case, no one is offering me a job”, Pandey told NP.

 He urged the PM to either give him a job or allow euthanasia. 

“I am ready to work as a watchman”

Ravi Pandey said that due to the case he has no money left. Now, he is ready to do a job as a watchman.

He stated that his life was completely shattered by the SC-ST act. He was forced to leave his education. Now due to this criminal case, he is getting difficulties in finding a job. 

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