“We will grind Upper Castes like Chokha, Eat them with Rotis”, Radical Ambedkarite leader and his fantasies

Patna: A new figure in the realm of Ambedkarite activism, Golden Das, has emerged as a polarizing force, garnering attention for his radical rhetoric and aggressive tactics. Formerly associated with the Bhim Army, Das founded the Bahujan Army, promoting an agenda steeped in militant Ambedkarism and anti-upper caste sentiment.

Who is Golden Das?

Hailing from Aurangabad and now residing in Patna, Golden Das attributes his ideological inspiration to Udham Singh and staunchly aligns with the principles of Ambedkarism. His departure from the Bhim Army was reportedly spurred by his failure to secure leadership positions within the organization, leading him to establish the Bahujan Army, which operates with a more aggressive stance.

Radical Modus Operandi

Das’s activism on the ground is characterized by vitriolic diatribes against caste groups such as Brahmins, Bhumihars, Thakurs, and Yadavs. In his viral videos, he advocates for the expulsion and elimination of the general category, fueling animosity and division within society. Furthermore, in an interview with an Ambedkarite channel, Samachar Madhyam, Das expressed his disdain for upper castes in chilling terms. He stated, “500 Chamars had crushed the 28000 (Peshwas) into pieces. Now we are 90% and they are 10%. This time if we even walk on them, they will be crushed like a Chokha and we will eat them with rotis.” He further added that they will exile the 10% forwards to Eurasia.

Harassing Police Officers

Notorious for his incendiary rhetoric, Das has also gained infamy for pressuring police authorities to file false FIRs against upper-caste individuals. Exploiting his Dalit identity and rallying hundreds of supporters, he intimidates law enforcement officials, leveraging Baba Saheb’s image and invoking constitutional clauses to meet his demands. In one incident captured on social media, Das is seen verbally abusing a Station House Officer (SHO) in a derogatory manner, threatening repercussions and humiliation.

Spewing Hatred Against Yadavs

Targeting Political Figures In a particularly inflammatory incident captured on video and circulated by Johar Hind, Das, and his followers stormed a police station, berating the SHO and spewing venomous rhetoric against Yadavs.

Additionally, he directed his ire towards prominent political figure Tejaswi Yadav, vowing to obstruct his electoral success.

No Action

Despite multiple instances of incitement to violence, hate speech, and intimidation tactics, Golden Das continues to operate with impunity. Under the guise of social justice, he propagates a toxic ideology that not only fosters animosity but also advocates for the physical harm and elimination of upper-caste individuals.

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