Viral Video: Criminal case registered against Rudra Kushwaha for giving Genocidal calls against Brahmins

Lucknow: A criminal case has been lodged in the Lucknow court against the State President of Rashtriya Shosit Samaj Dal, Rakesh Singh Kushwaha, and the President of Yuva Vichar Manch, Rudra Pratap Kushwaha, following allegations of hate speech and incitement of violence against the Brahmin community.

The case was filed by the Shridhar Sewa Foundation after viral videos surfaced showing the accused leaders making derogatory remarks against Brahmins and allegedly advocating for genocidal actions. Advocate Saubhagya Mishra, representing the Shridhar Sewa Foundation, appeared before the Court of Judicial Magistrate, Lucknow, to present the case.

During the proceedings, Mishra highlighted the inflammatory nature of the videos, in which the accused allegedly used derogatory language against the Brahmin community and even incited others to violence. One video reportedly showed Rudra Pratap Kushwaha encouraging the idea of marrying Brahmin girls to “purify” them, while another video depicted him calling for violence against Brahmins, stating, “Chase and Kill these Brahmins.”

Furthermore, Rudra Pratap Kushwaha was recorded proclaiming, “This time no Hindu-Muslim riots but backward-forward riots will happen.” He further targeted Brahmins as the “root cause of every problem,” advocating for violence against them and promoting solidarity between Muslim and Dalit communities against Brahmins.

The videos sparked outrage among netizens, prompting demands for immediate action against the accused leaders. However, as of now, no First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against them in Bihar state.

The case has brought attention to the growing concern over hate speech and incitement to violence, particularly when propagated by influential figures. The legal proceedings are expected to shed light on the seriousness of such offenses and ensure accountability for those responsible.

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