Madhavan Tells Rohan Dua Why His Mom & Kangana Are Inspirational; Scientists Must Be Protected

At a time when a DRDO scientist Pradeep Kurulkar’s arrest over alleged links with a Pakistani woman has made headlines, it’s time to listen to R Madhavan who exposed through his film Rocketry how Indian scientists are falsely shown to be honey-trapped by corrupt politicians, cops who work with rival nations — US, Pakistan & China —  to derail India’s mission to send space missions. This happens when a scientist is at the peak of his mission or retiring, to discredit his long-standing work in anonymity in the service of his country. It’s time India began a serious investigation into foreign powers and exposed insiders’ jobs in defaming such scientists. While Nambi Narayan’s battle took 25 years to get his identity and honour back from Supreme Court, he became penniless for the honesty he showed. While CBI & court gave a clean chit to Nambi, no action has been taken against such Indian plotters & real traitors who collude with foreign powers to trap scientists. “There are thousands of scientists disappearing like Nambi sir..there are far bigger forces in play behind this.” “Scientists who are especially retiring on a day-to-day basis should be protected like national assets,” Madhavan told Rohan Dua in this Interview

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