Savarna Aayog report reveals worrying conditions of UCs in Bihar, Almost 91% of UC students never attend colleges

Amid the chaos of the caste census in Bihar, In a significant revelation, the long-awaited report from the Savarna Aayog, a commission dedicated to the welfare of upper castes in Bihar, has shed light on the socio-economic challenges faced by this segment of the population. The report, submitted by the commission back in 2013, has resurfaced, highlighting distressing conditions that have largely remained unaddressed by subsequent administrations.

The commission’s report, based on an in-depth study spanning 25 districts over a period of two years, paints a grim picture of the upper caste population’s struggles across various spheres of life, including education, employment, land ownership, and housing.

Almost half of the students drop out of school

It’s concerning to note that nearly half of all students end up leaving school before completing their education. According to the report, a staggering 49% of upper-caste children in rural areas are compelled to drop out of school due to poverty. This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for targeted interventions to ensure education reaches even the most marginalized sections of society.

55% UCs own less than 1 Acre of land

Historically, agriculture has been considered the primary occupation of the upper castes, but it has not led to prosperity for many. Astonishingly, more than 55% of the upper caste population in Bihar owns less than one acre of land. The report reveals that despite agriculture being the primary source of livelihood for 46.3% of upper castes in rural areas, a substantial portion is being forced to sell their land due to economic constraints.

20% living in Kuccha Houses

Housing conditions for the upper caste population are also far from ideal. The report indicates that around 20% of the upper caste population in Bihar lacks a proper pucca house, living in kutcha houses and huts. This underlines the dire need for comprehensive housing reforms to uplift the living standards of this marginalized segment.

91% of UCs never attend college

Unemployment rates among the upper castes are disheartening, with 9.6% of rural and 10.7% of urban youth being unemployed. Despite education being a potential pathway to empowerment, only a mere 9.9% of upper-caste youth in rural areas are pursuing graduation or above, highlighting an urgent need for educational empowerment initiatives.

The Savarna Aayog’s report also delves into the issue of migration, revealing that a staggering 43.5% of upper-caste households in rural Bihar are compelled to migrate. This mass migration underscores the lack of viable employment opportunities within the state. Significantly, a considerable 83.3% of those who migrate do so outside the state in search of employment, pointing to a broader structural issue.

The report’s findings make a compelling case for immediate government attention and policy interventions to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the upper caste population in Bihar. The report’s recommendations, which have largely gone unnoticed for nearly a decade, now demand urgent action to address the longstanding grievances of this section of society.

With caste enumeration in its final stages, the release of the Savarna Aayog’s report underscores the pressing need to align policy frameworks with ground realities, ensuring that no section of society is left behind in the pursuit of progress and development.

As the government teeters on the brink of unveiling the caste enumeration results, the onus now falls on policymakers to use the data as a catalyst for change, implementing measures that alleviate the hardships faced by the upper castes in Bihar and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.

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