Rajput man booked under SC-ST act, Jailed, and then Killed in UP!

Kanpur: In a case linked to the SC/ST Act in Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh, a Rajput man has been killed at a local police station. The allegation is that in a land dispute under the SC/ST Act, the police and the accused jointly beat the man to death.

The Complete Incident
Essentially, the deceased’s son revealed that a Dalit woman had encroached upon a plot owned by his father, Dinesh Bhadauria. Shibu Singh Bhadauria, the deceased’s son, explained that there is a plot in his name where a woman named Preeti Verma seized control. In the same matter, the police had arrested the deceased and his son. Both the father and son were in jail for approximately three months.

Summoned After Release on Bail
Shibu Singh further explained that during their time in jail, Preeti Verma, along with her associates, took control of the plot. Upon their release on bail, on Wednesday, they were summoned to meet the station in-charge, Ashok Kumar, where they were severely beaten. They had gone to the police station to present documents regarding the plot.

Allegations Against Preeti Verma and Station In-charge
The deceased’s son claimed that the station in-charge, Preeti Verma, and her associates attacked them. The assault led to deteriorating health conditions, eventually resulting in his father’s death. Moreover, another video surfaced on social media allegedly depicts Preeti Verma seated on the chair of the station in charge. The viral video is believed to have been recorded on the same day as the incident.

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