RJD Supporters Attack Brahmin Families, Pelted Stones; Video Goes Viral

Patna: A tragic incident in a small village in the Nawada district of Bihar has left eight people severely injured, highlighting the growing tensions and inadequate police response in the region. The victims, belonging to the Brahmin community, claim that they have been repeatedly attacked by local goons, making their lives increasingly miserable. This recent incident has pushed them to consider leaving their homes for safety. 

The attack occurred in the Naxal-affected Kauakole police station area of Madhopur village. The village is home to a small settlement of Brahmin families, comprising five to six families, with a total of around 20-25 members, all alleging that they have been subjected to frequent oppression by members of other communities nearby. Assailants Shyam Singh, Mohan Yadav, Ramu Chaudhary and Suresh Thakur, armed with sharp weapons attacked eight villagers. The attack attributed to old grudges, has left the Brahmin community fearing for their lives and confined to their homes.

The conflict reportedly began over an overflowing water tank on the Brahmin’s family roof that spilled onto the neighbors’ house, escalating into a violent confrontation. The victims, including Rajesh Pandey, Ashutosh Pandey, Priyadarshan Pandey, Chotu Pandey, Mangal Pandey, Chandan Pandey, Pinky Devi and Raushan Pandey, were seriously injured and taken to Kauakole PHC and later to Sadar Hospital in Nawada.

Despite seeking police help, the victims allege police indifference. After the attack, the victims sought help through Dial 112, prompting the police to arrive at the village. Although the police initially assisted in hospitalizing the injured, they did not provide any further support. The situation worsened with stone pelting at the house of Bhardwaj Pandey, a relative of the victims, the following morning.

The victims claim that the attack is politically motivated and rooted in their support for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), while their attackers support the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). The political tension has exacerbated the conflict, adding to their fear and uncertainty.

The primary accused is Sikander alias Shakho Yadav, along with around 20 others, including Anil Yadav, Nandu Yadav, Sohar Yadav, Sikander Yadav, Kailash Yadav and Kamlesh Yadav. The victims allege that the police have taken no significant action despite serious injuries and continued threats. 

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Mahi Saha, from Ranchi, reports for Neo Politico.

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