Bihar: Sadhu tied to Pole, Beaten by 20-25 Dalits, Threatened with SC-ST Act

Patna: A disturbing incident unfolded near Tikulia village of Motihari district in Bihar. Lal Kishore Giri, a sadhu, was violently assaulted by a mob after a minor accident involving a child, in the Govindganj police station area of the village. 

Giri, a native of Champaran district of Bihar, was returning from a visit to Devpujan Dubey, where he had paid Rs. 30,000 for construction materials. As he passed through the Dalit Basti of Tikulia on his motorcycle, a 12-year-old child suddenly came in front of his vehicle and got hit. Fortunately, the child did not suffer any injuries. However, this triggered the fury of around 20-25 dwellers of the Basti who tied Giri to the pole and beat him severely.

Despite Giri’s desperate pleas for mercy, the mob continued their attack, with some individuals even recording videos of the brutal attack and uploading them on social media. The sadhu sustained severe injuries and was left half-dead until people from the nearby Dubey Tola intervened, rescuing him and taking him to Anumandaliya Hospital for treatment. 

Giri has lodged an FIR at the local police station, naming specific individuals and identifying around 25 unknown people involved in the assault. Among the accused are Sanjay Ram, Vijay Ram, Manoj Ram, Ashok Ram, Chabbila Ram, Sandeep Ram, Umesh Ram, Surya Ram and Lalan Ram. The police have taken immediate action, arresting one suspect who has been sent to judicial custody. The police have assured that a thorough investigation will be conducted and all those involved in the attack will be brought to justice.     

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Mahi Saha, from Ranchi, reports for Neo Politico.

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