“Brahmins are the common enemies of Dalits and Muslims”, Waman Meshram spreads hatred in Lucknow

Lucknow: In the 12th National Convention of BAMCEF, Waman Meshram has again spitted hate against the Brahmin community. Meshram was speaking at the conference in Lucknow where more than fifty thousand delegates from all over the country were present.

Brahmin: Common Enemy of Muslims and Dalits

In his speech, first, he urged the people from the SC, ST and OBC categories not to follow the Hindu dharma which he stated as the ‘Brahmin Dharma’. He said “the Dalits or the weaker sections of India are not the enemies of Muslims, but the common enemy of both SC, ST, OBCs and Muslims are the Brahmins. They cleverly made 70% of India’s oppressed classes Hindus and presented them as enemies of Muslims according to their needs and Muslims consider them as enemies which is not true. 

“Brahmins and Baniya are in alliance”

Waman Meshram further targeted Brahmins and Baniyas by projecting them as the enemy of the state. He said that the duo are in alliance to rule this country. He claimed that both groups are helping each other to rule the majority population by different means.

By 2030, Brahmins have to leave

Waman Meshram announced the timeline by which he bring at least 15 crores of people on road. He cleverly signalled where they(Brahmins) will go when BAMCEF take 15 crores of people on road. Meshram also told his members that this is the time for action against Brahmins.

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