Tribal man wants 10,000 crores for loss of sexual pleasure in Jail

Bhopal: A tribal has sued the Madhya Pradesh government for the ‘loss of sexual pleasure’ while detained in jail in a false gang rape case. The 35-year-old petitioner, Kantu alias Kantilal Bheel, has alleged that he was imprisoned for two years for no crime. After getting acquitted in October, he moved to Ratlam district court seeking damages of Rs 10,006 crores for being falsely implicated and  “loss of God’s gift to humans.

Arrested in 2020

Kantilal Singh was booked in a case of gang rape by a woman living under Bajna police station limits. Kantilal’s advocate Vijay Yadav has said that his client had suffered a lot. “My client after being falsely implicated in the case left home and kept changing his locations for over two years to escape the police for a crime that he never committed,” Kantilal’s advocate Vijay Yadav told The New Indian Express.

“He was arrested on Dec 23, 2020, and acquitted on Oct 22, 2022, spending 666 days in jail,” said Yadav.

Children were forced to quit their study

During those 666 days, the family of Kantilal Singh faced the situation of starvation which leads his kids to leave their studies.  Since he was in jail, his children had to drop out of their school and survived starvation. “By goddess’s grace, I got out of the prison,” said Kantu, adding that he believes he got free service from a lawyer. And now he wants payback for every day locked up behind bars. 

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