Krishna Temple demolished under Yogi rule to build a Mazaar, FIR on 23 Muslim men

Mathura: An FIR has been registered against 23 Muslim men for vandalising a Hindu temple and building a Mazaar over the land of the temple.

As per FIR, the incident took place on the premises of Shri Bihari ji Mahraj temple under the Koshikala police station limits. Some 23 men from the Muslim community had come and destroyed the throne of the diety. Also, a well which was situated on the land of the temple has also been demolished by the accused. It was alleged by the accused that the land belongs to Kabristan.

The temple was demolished on March 15 of the year 2020 but the FIR is being registered with a delay of two years.

Name of the accused

“Once the throne of Bihari Ji, now a Mazaar”

After the throne was demolished, a cemented Mazaar was built by the accused. Now, people from the Muslim community are coming to offer prayer at the Mazaar.

It has been alleged by the Hindu priests that no one from the authority has tried to hear their issue. Now, after being fed up with all things, they reached the CM Yogi. The authorities are doing an inspection of the area. The Hindu side has given the ultimatum of 15 days for prompt action.

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