Vishal Jha likely to get bail on 13 Jan, says lawyer

Mumbai: The first alleged accused Vishal Jha has filed a bail plea in a court in Mumbai. He was the first person to be arrested in the Bulli Bai case. The court has posted his plea for a hearing on Thursday to allow the prosecution to file a reply.

As per the lawyer of Vishal Jha, he has no connection with the case and someone else from another state has been arrested by the Delhi Police. Also, his phone, SIM cards, and laptop have also been seized for further investigations. So, there is no chance that he can temper the evidence. 

Vishal’s father Sudhir Kumar Jha told Neo Politico that his son has no role in the case and was falsely accused in the case for settling the personal feuds. 

“It was two brothers on Twitter who had some personal feuds with my son. They falsely accused Vishal. No evidence against Vishal has been traced by the police”, Sudhir Kumar told NP. 

Also, Jha’s lawyer in their plea has stated that the prosecution has failed to provide any evidence against the accused. 

However, When Jha’s lawyers, Aarti Deshmukh and Shivamsinh Deshmukh, moved the bail plea, the prosecution opposed it saying they will need to interrogate him.

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