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Upper Caste gets more selection in BJP, worst in BSP: UPPSC Data

Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh, India): In a battle for Upper caste votes, which account for more than 23% of the vote in Uttar Pradesh, all political parties are betting on their support. Political parties, on the other hand, are confident that only Brahmin votes would swing in the approaching election.

BSP chief Mayawati claimed the people from the “upper castes” were repenting voting for the BJP in the last state elections and said their interests will be safeguarded if her party comes to power.

Reduced to a pale shadow of its former self, the BSP’s attempt to revive the formula might seem like a desperate attempt to remain relevant in UP, but according to political observers, it is a well-calculated strategy to harness the Brahmin disgruntlement. 

Therefore here we have reaped the number of Upper caste students qualified in the era of all three parties. From 2007 to 2020, our team has collected data on UC students who were selected in the UPPSC exams.

BSP worst, SP least, and BJP performs well

In the last 14 years, the Upper caste candidates have seen an up-down track in the terms of selections. In 2007, the total number of vacancies for the general category students was 382 but only 62 candidates from the UC community were selected. 

The Year 2009 observed an increase in the numbers and around 33 percent of UC candidates got selected in open category seats.

In 2010, the BSP government increased the vacancies for the general category students but only 14 percent had been selected in open seats. A total of 550 vacancies were declared for open category candidates and only 81 candidates were selected from the Upper caste community. 

Year Total General VacanciesGeneral Selected% of Generals
2013NA NA NA
2014NA NA NA
2015NA NA NA

BJP: opportunities decreased, selection increased

In UP, the BJP government came to power in 2017 and the golden era of Upper caste candidates has also come. The selection of UC candidates has been increased in the past four years. The Average percentage of their selection has been increased from 19% in the BSP govt to 56% in the BJP era. Last year, around 75 percent of the UC candidates got selected in open category seats. Many experts believe that this government has promoted merit and transparency due to which more upper-caste candidates have secured seats in all government exams.

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