See which caste tops EWS reservation, Share of Muslims

New Delhi: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Tuesday released the UPSC Civil Services Result with a 10 percent EWS quota. Our team has scanned all the candidates in the list and prepared a caste-wise categorization of the EWS quota. 

In 2020, 86 seats were reserved for the Economic Weaker Section of the society. This includes candidates from all religions. 

Brahmins top the list

Brahmins were the major top scorer on the list. At least 27 Brahmin candidates, which stands out at 31 percent, have been selected on 86 seats of the EWS quota.

Also, caste-wise data of the result shows that Brahmins candidates, despite having lesser opportunities, got more selection as compared to any other caste. 

Followed by Khsatriyas 

Data shows that at least 17 Kshatriyas have secured their positions in the EWS quota list. After Brahmins, Kshatriya students enjoyed the largest chunk in quota seats. 

Equal number of Jains and Baniyas 

Jains and Baniyas share an equal number of seats. Both groups have secured 7 seats each. 2 Kayasths candidates have made their presence on the list. 1 Yadav and 1 Jat candidate are also on the list.

2 Muslims 

Only 2 Muslims have been selected for the 86 seats. The selection percentage of Muslim candidates was 2.32% which is far less as compared to Brahmins. 

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