Two students, who were arrested for creating app, get bail from court

New Delhi: A Delhi court on Monday has accepted the bail plea of Neeraj Bishnoi and Omkaareshwar Thakur who were allegedly booked for creating two web page-based apps. While granting bail to the accused, the court considered that the accused are first-time offenders and continued incarceration would be detrimental to their overall wellbeing. However, restricting them from contacting the witnesses.

Accused is a first-time offender and a young person as such prolonged incarceration would be detrimental to his overall well-being. Accused has roots in the community and he is not a flight risk. The trial would take considerable time to conclude as such no fruitful purpose would be served by keeping him detained any further

Justice Pankaj Sharma

Police opposed the bail

The prosecution has opposed the bail plea filed by the accused and said that giving bail can create a threat to the evidence and witnesses. They also brought to the notice of the court that the investigation is on and forensic reports besides responses from intermediaries in the case were awaited. However, the Court held the pending forensic reports and replies were not sufficient grounds to deny bail to the accused, who had been in judicial custody since January 9, 2022.

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