Rajasthan Doctor commits suicide after being harassed by Dalit organizations

Dausa(Rajasthan): A Brahmin woman doctor, who was booked in an alleged false murder case, has committed suicide on Tuesday, Police said. As per reports, Dr. Archana Sharma was a Gynecologist who ran a private hospital with her husband Dr. Suneet Upadhyay. A few days back, She was operating a delivery case where a Dalit pregnant woman lost her life while giving birth to a baby.

Listening to the death of the woman, the family members of the deceased along with the local Dalit organizations had started a large demonstration against the doctor. Later the demonstration was joined by the Ex-BJP Mla and Dalit leader Jitendra Gothwal who pressurized the police officials to file an FIR under the murder charges.

“My Suicide would prove my innocence”

The suicide letter, which was recovered from Doctor’s room, reads how depressed the doctor was. Archana mentioned that due to excess bleeding she was unable to save the life of her patient.

“I love my husband and kids. After my death please do not harass them. I didn’t make any mistakes or killed anyone. PHP is a known complication… for this don’t harass doctors. My suicide can prove my innocence. Don’t harass innocent doctors. Please. Love you, my kids.”

Dr. Archana Sharma in her suicide letter

Suicide letter

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