Two Cases: Kanhaiya’s sons join Govt job, Kamlesh Tiwari’s family is still waiting

Jaipur: Weeks after the brutal beheading of a tailor in Udaipur, two sons of the deceased have joined the government jobs promised by the Rajasthan government.

 On the day of joining, they took the blessings of their mother and joined Udaipur Collectorate in the post of Junior Assistant.

They have received a waiver in the appointment rules under Rule 6C of the Rajasthan Subordinate Office Clerk Service (Amendment) Rules, 2008 and 2009, claims CM Gehlot.

Gehlot said, “There is no other source of livelihood in the deceased’s family. If the dependents are given an appointment, their life will go smooth. The family will get financial and mental help”.

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