Superstition: Dalit family tried to resurrect dead kid despite opposition from Pujaris

Bhopal: In the central state of India, superstition continues to hold sway in rural parts of its districts. In Sidhi, a tribal family has tried to resurrect a four-year-old kid who died due to a disease.

As per reports, Aham Kol, son of Arjun Kol of Bhiti village, died around 20 days ago and was cremated near the village. One of his relatives has told the mother of the deceased that he can resurrect the dead son. Believing in the words of the relative, the family members started doing the tantra mantra (black magic) at a local temple. They also brought the grave soil of the deceased and kept it near to the deity. Meanwhile, Pujaris have called it “AndhVishwas” and advised the kins not to perform such things.

36 hours of tantra mantra but in vain

The family members of the kid had tried to resurrect him with the help of sorcerers (tantriks) but all went in vain. The tantriks performed various rituals with the hope to resurrect the dead child. However, all efforts of the tantriks to resurrect Aham proved futile. In the meantime, police reached the spot after being informed by some villagers but didn’t interrupt them from doing black magic. After seeing no results, the family members went back to their place.

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