“No God is Brahmin, Shiva is a tribal, Manusmriti is regressive”, JNU VC promotes anti-brahmin agenda in Govt sponsored show

New Delhi: Declaring Lord Shiva as a scheduled caste or a tribal, JNU VC has attracted criticism over declaring the castes of the gods. While speaking at the Dr BR Ambedkar Lecture Series organised by the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, JNU Vice-Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit on Monday said “anthropologically” gods do not belong to the upper caste and that even Lord Shiva could be from scheduled caste or tribe.

Openly spewing hate against Brahmins, the JNU VC said “Anthropologically, scientifically… please look at the origins of our gods. No god is a Brahmin. The highest is a Kshatriya. Lord Shiva must be a Scheduled Caste or a Scheduled Tribe. Because he sits in a cemetery with a snake… they have given him very little clothes also to wear. I don’t think Brahmins can sit in the cemetery. So if you see, clearly, the gods anthropologically do not come from the upper caste. Including Lakshmi, Shakti, all the gods. Or if you take Jagannath, very much a tribal. So, why are we still continuing with this discrimination, which is very, very unhuman.”

Manusmriti is extraordinarily regressive

In this series of lectures where abusing Brahmin is a norm, JNU VC has declared Manusmriti as a regressive textbook. She said the “status of Shudras given to women in Manusmriti” makes it extraordinarily regressive.

“Let me tell all women that all women according to Manusmriti are Shudras so no woman can claim she is a brahmin or anything else and it is only by marriage that you get the husband or father’s caste on you. I think this is something which is extraordinarily regressive,” she added.

Lord Jagganath is tribal

She also said that “anthropologically” gods, including Lakshmi, Shakti, or even Jagannath do not come from the upper caste. Moreover, she asserted that lord Jagannath has tribal origins.

“So why are we still continuing with this discrimination which is very very inhuman? It is very important that we are rethinking, and reorienting the thoughts of Babasaheb. We do not have any leader of modern India who was such a great thinker.

“Hinduism is not a religion it is a way of life and if it is the way of life then why are we scared of criticism,” she said.

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