Chandra Shekhar is the chief of Bhim Army.

Bhim Army gives death threats to Inder’s friend for speaking ‘True Story’

Jaipur: The father of Rajesh Kumar, a close friend of Inder Meghwal, has been given life threats by the three members of a radical dalit outfit. Manglaram whose son Rajesh has given the statements where he explained what exactly had happened on the day of the incident. Rajesh Kumar who is a student of the third standard is a prime witness in the case. He refutes the claims made by the parents of Inder Meghwal.

Amidst the weak theories of the water pot, the members of the Bhim Army and Bhim Sena have strong-armed Manglaram for supporting their cause. In a conversation with Neo Politico, Manglaram has stated the whole incident where he was threatened for supporting truth.

Complaint letter submitted by Manglaram to the police station

“At 8 PM I was coming to my home from a ration shop. At that time three people on a motorbike had stopped me and started giving me threats regarding the Inder Meghwal case. They were sporting a blue neck scarf and claimed that they belong to Bhim Sena and Bhim Army”, Manglaram told NP.

“They threatened to finish my whole family if my son hasn’t taken his statement back. I have filed a complaint at the local police station”, he added.

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