Meena dominated villagers dragged down Dalit groom from horse, said casteist abuses

Rajasthan (Dausa): The case of stopping the procession of the youth of the Dalit community has come to light in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. The people of the Dalit community have alleged that the people of the Meena community have brought down the Dalit youth going on the mare and were assaulted. The incident is being reported on April 28, where ‘Bindori’ was being performed during the wedding of Lokesh.

It is alleged that the people of Meena Samaj started abusing the boy in front of Harikishan Meena’s house and took down the groom. At the same time, family members said that Meena-dominated villagers blocked the path and gave caste-related abuses.

A video of this episode is also going viral on social media. Moreover, the family has also demanded protection from the police during the wedding on 30 April.

Police said the viral news is partially wrong, there was a dispute between these two about the buffalo

The police station of Sikandra told us that where this episode has happened, only the population of backward society resides. Somewhere the matter of joining the Rajput society is also coming out, which is wrong. Also, the controversy was caused by a loud-sounding DJ. People of Meena Samaj were asking them to reduce the volume.

Both parties are agreed now and asked to support the wedding procession.

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