Dalit family intentionally identified dead girl as daughter, for compensation filed case of gang rape and murder

Fatehpur(Uttar Pradesh, India): Fatehpur police have arrested a father and his son for wrongly identifying a body of an unidentified girl as their daughter and accused the neighbour of rape and murder.

On June 17, Shiv Prasad Raidas, a resident of Ganga Nagar of Jehanabad police station area, identified the body of the unclaimed girl as his daughter Monika and filed a false case of murder and gang rape. Family also did the last rites of the deceased.

Shiv Prasad’s daughter Monika Raidas eloped with an Upper caste boy and he was angry over this act. Family members of Monika filed a missing report with the police on 2 June 2021.

During the investigation, police traced the mobile location of Monika in Mathura and found her alive with his husband.

In her statement, Monika claimed that she had done an inter-caste marriage with a boy from the Upper Caste. She didn’t know why her family identified the body as their daughter.

After getting Monika alive, police have arrested the father and brother for falsely identifying a girl and filing a wrong case against the neighbours.

The family did the case intending to get heavy compensation from the government and falsely accusing the neighbours of gang rape and murder charges.

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