Court acquits 11 Rajput men in Dalit arson attack case, CBI indicates Dalits themselves killed their children

Haryana(India): The CBI court in Panchkula has acquitted all the 11 accused in the famous Sunped case. The Investigation agency could not find any evidence and witnesses against the accused in this case, which is about 6 years old. On which the closure report had already been filed by the CBI in the court. The court didn’t find any evidence against the innocent Rajputs.

In 2015 two Dalit children were killed in the fire that took place on 20 October 2015 in Sonpeth village of Faridabad. 12 people of Rajput society were named by Jeetendra Kumar, the father of the deceased children (1 accused had already been removed because of his being a minor).

Although when the matter of enmity surfaced in the case, the investigation was handed over by the Chief Minister to the CBI. However, CBI in its FIR, sections of murder along with various sections of the SC/ST Act were also added against the accused.

Jitendra Kumar, in his statement to the CBI, said that the upper caste people living in his neighbourhood had set fire to his house at around 3 am by spraying kerosene from the window. Which later turned out to be fully false in the investigation.

The fire was set up from inside : CBI found in the FSL and CFSL reports.

Contrary to Jitendra Kumar’s statement, the CBI found in its report that the fire was not from outside the house but from inside. At the same time, no evidence of any forced entry into the house was found by the CBI. By this, it is clear that the fire was set up by the family members, and those 11 Rajputs were falsely accused.

Jeetendra’s narco test turned out to be a key factor

Jeetendra’s narco test revealed that he used to think about the incident of setting fire to the house to get revenge from his Rajput neighbours. Which further deepened the CBI’s suspicion. The FSL report also told the CBI that the fire started from inside the house. The CBI team also recovered kerosene cans from inside the house. It is known that in the closure report, the CBI has told the court that the plaintiff Jeetendra Kumar and his wife are hiding the facts and keeping half the truth in front.

Rahul Gandhi went to meet, demanded strict action against Rajput accused

Like every time after the episode, the media accused the upper caste people of perpetrating the fire due to caste hatred. As a result, all opposition party leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, reached Sonpeth. He expressed anger at the incident and demanded strict action against the accused coming from the Rajput society. However, now everyone has taken silence on the outcome of the case.

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