Assailants vandalized 200-year old temple in Muslim dominated area, attempted to kidnap Priest’s daughter

Karimganj (Assam): In an ancient temple located in the Karimganj district of Assam, there have been attempts to loot and attempt to kidnap the priest’s daughter. Temple belongs to Narasimha Bhagwan, located in the Ballia area of ​​the district, is about 200 years old.  About 7 fully weapon loaded attackers looted the precious clothes of God and gold jewellery of the priest’s wife.

The incident is being reported on April 12, which is now spreading like a wildfire on social media. When we contacted the priest about the incident, he told NP that at around 2 pm on the night of the incident, some people entered the temple loaded with weapons. On hearing the murmur, they went and saw the attackers, they caught them. He also tried to attack him several times with a sharp weapon.

According to the priest, Attackers were pressurizing him to give Rs 1 lakh received by the government. Upon which the priest refused about receiving of any such amount. After which attackers locked the priest, and made his wife and daughter hostage in the house.

“I get 1200 rupees a month from the temple committee, from where should I give you 1 lakh”

On demanding Rs 1 lakh, the priest told the attackers that he himself gets only Rs 1200 a month from the temple committee. Where should I give the lakh rupees? On hearing this, the attackers tried to strike the priest’s neck with a sharp weapon, in which the priest merely escaped.

Attempted to abduct the daughter

According to the priest, the invaders asked him for a gold statue, which the priest once again refused. The attackers then attempted to kidnap the priest’s elder daughter. At which the priest’s wife rescued the daughter from the attackers by paying her jewellery and money. The priest’s daughter Pallavi told us that she was taken hostage by the attackers. They were taking her with them at the same time, they were threatening to rape and kill her. Mother gave her jewels and got them out of their clutches.

Police gave assurance of catching attackers soon

Police have been making big claims since the incident. However, till now the police have not been able to find any clue. It is known that the temple is located just 2 kilometres from the Bangladesh border. There is also a discussion of the arrival of the attackers from across the border.

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