Another Nikita Tomar: Haider with the help of Aris and Shariq slit Nidhi’s throat on denying marriage proposal

Haridwar(India):  A heartwrenching incident has come to light in the Ganganagar Kotwali area of ​​Roorkee where a 19-year-old Nidhi, who lives in Krishnanagar, was murdered for rejecting a marriage proposal. Nidhi alias Hansi was harassed by Haider, a resident of Safarpur village, for the last few years.

Haider who claimed to be in love with Nidhi, slit her throat in daylight. As per details, Nidhi was not receiving Haidar’s call for the last few days. Since then, he was constantly forcefully trying to contact Nidhi. However, Nidhi did not want to meet Haider Ali. Outraged by this, Haider conspired with two of his friends to assassinate Nidhi. According to the report published in the local newspaper, Haider loved the 19-year-old girl onesided. He somehow managed the contact details of the deceased.

Police claim that the accused suddenly arrives at her house on Saturday afternoon with his friends Aris and Shariq. Haider knew that Nidhi would be alone at her home at that time. As Nidhi opened the door, Haider opened an attack on her. The accused brutally cut her throat and ensured that she succumbed to injuries. Listening to the helpless voice of Nidhi, many people gathered at the doorsteps and caught one of the accused. While the other two were managed to escape.

SP Dehat Pramendra Singh Dobal said that the three accused Haider, Arif and Farhan have been arrested. A paper cutter and a bike were also recovered from those who were involved in the incident. “All the three accused have been arrested 24 hours after the incident, a case under serious sections was filed against them and presented in court. From where all the three have been sent to jail” he added.

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