Agra: Inter-College forces students to say Jay Bhim; Janeu and Kawala are not allowed

Agra: A complaint has been lodged against an inter-college for writing objectionable statements against Hindu temples. Students have also alleged that the college administration is also not allowing them to wear sacred threads like Kalawa and Janeu. The case has been filed against Maa Baikunthi Devi Sarvodya Inter College at Etmaddaula police station. 

In a complaint given by the parents, it has been alleged that the college is forcing them to adopt Ambedkarism. 

The complainant Pawan Samadhiya spoke to Neo Politico on this matter. He said that the school administration is promoting anti-Hindu activities and forcing their children not to wear Janeu and Kalawa.

 “They are brainwashing our children in the name of modern education and Ambedkarism. On school boards, anti-Hindu slogans and statements have been inscribed. Also, the teachers are encouraging the students to stop following Hinduism”, Samadhiya told NP.

“Jay Bhim is a norm”

Many students have complained that they have been compelled to say Jay Bhim. Saying Jay Bhim has now become mandatory on the school premises. Also, Hindu activists alleged that many anti-Hindu statements of Phule and Ambedkar have been written on class boards of the school so that they can keep brainwashing the school kids.

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