Ruling party goons encroach land in Ranchi, businessmen panic

Ranchi(India): When the country is grappling with coronavirus, mafias of Ranchi city are busy in encroaching land.

On 20 February, nearly 2.90 acres of land was occupied by a mob of hundreds of people. These people were led by a person named Sanjay Pahan, who belongs to the tribal community. As soon as news of the encroachment was received, the Munjal family requested senior police officers to take action against culprits, but nothing happened. The family accused that in spite of their complaint to the DC, AC, SSP, SDM and Ranchi Police, no action is being taken and no complaint is being registered till now.

The victim family believes that the accused belongs to the ruling party that’s why no action is being taken. Also, this level of enchroachment has caused panic among Ranchi businessmen.

Local media reports that the occupied piece was purchased by Jeevanlal, the head of the Munjal family, on 2nd December 1959. Since then, till February 20, 2021, this land has been controlled by the Munjal family. Although some people raised their concerns and filed lawsuits in court, each time the Munjal family had won the suit.

However, this time the hearing is taking place at SC, ST, Minority and Backward Class Welfare minister Champai Soren’s court as per the guidelines of the Chota Nagpur Tenancy (CNT) act. Earlier, the court has issued notice to both parties, Sanjay Pahan and Ritul Munjal, but the court didn’t deliver any ruling.

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