Police officers inspect the scene where the alleged gang raped happened(TOI)

Badaun ground report suggests woman was not gang-raped, killed in accident

Badaun(India): In a tragic incident of brutal gang rape where a 50-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped to death has turned down to new revelations.

Examinations of our ground report suggest that the deceased woman was not gang-raped but died due to an unfortunate accident. Also, the call details of the woman have revealed that the so-called ‘priest’ of the local temple had some kind of illicit relationships with the deceased.

They exchanged more than 800 calls in the last three months. Many of the villagers have also confirmed that they have some kind of extramarital affair. From last few months, the woman was regularly going to his abode.

On the day of the unfortunate incident, the deceased went to the temple to meet him. Meanwhile, one of the woman Shila Yadav, who was living near to the temple, was aware of the relationship. So on that day, Shila wanted to catch them for what she also came to the temple. Noticing the lady, Pujari urgently sent the deceased to the alleged hut where a dry well was situated.

When our ground reporter visited the hut, which was very dark from the inside, a well was there in which a motor and a rod angel was placed. Anyone who goes to that hut at night can easily fall. Furthermore, police also confirmed that the woman was rescued from the well as there is evidence of bloodstains. Police have also arrested Shila who ostensibly has a role in the incident.

Dry well situated in the alleged hut

Now when the Pujari got to know about her condition he rushed to the well and called Vedram for the help. Vedram and the Pujari rescued her and called the driver Jaspal. Vedram made three calls to the driver after which he took his bolero car to help. All three took the woman to the nearest nursing home where doctors denied to admit her citing bad condition.

Small hut where the well is situated

When doctors denied to treat her, pujari and the two alleged accused dropped the woman to her home.

However, the women did not die at that moment but later succumbed to her injuries.

Vedram was caught with the help of doctor Munish Pal

Vedram was taking care of the agricultural land of the local Dr Munish Pal. After the incident, Vedram called the doctor and told the whole incident. He claimed that he had no role in the incident and had falsely booked in the FIR. After which Dr Munish Pal convinced Vedram to surrender.

Gang rape theory is far to believe

The police are also accepting the physical relationship of the pujari(as both of them had extramarital affairs) with the deceased woman but not comfortable in believing a gang-rape theory. People of the village are also saying the same thing. The ground report and the facts are also suggesting that the woman was not gang-raped.

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