After UP, Gujarat may introduce Population Control Bill soon

Gandhi Nagar(Gujarat, India): In the midst of the Population Control Bill being introduced by the Uttar Pradesh government, the Gujarat government has begun an exercise “to study the pros and cons” of similar legislation.

Speaking on the population control bill, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that he would also consider bringing a bill in this regard if needed in the future. He also said that top Gujarat government officials are currently studying the UP draft.

 “Information is being sought on aspects of the bill. All aspects will be checked and the government will be briefed about the bill”, Nitin Patel told local Media.

He also asserted that the state government has already taken a decision in this regard for elections in politics and also different decisions have been taken by the health department over time regarding population control. However, if there is a need in the future, the government will also consider bringing a bill in this regard.

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