Video: Exploring the left-liberal ecosystem dominating India’s system

India, a land with a rich history and heritage, has been known for its humane ideas and virtues for thousands of years. From being called Sapta Sindhu, Panchanad, Matru Desh, Bharat Bhoomi, Hindustan to India, the land has had various names and has been home to the oldest advanced civilization in the world.

However, there have been instances in history where some people of the country have invited foreign invaders due to mutual enmity, resulting in the imposition of foreign weapons and ideologies on the minds of Indians. Today, the left-liberal ecosystem is revealing how foreign ideologues continue to dominate the system of independent India.

Despite being a sovereign country, the government may be in the hands of the people, but the system is still influenced by foreign ideas. It is important to preserve and protect the rich heritage and culture of India, and not let foreign ideologies dominate the system.

To know more about the left-liberal ecosystem and its impact on India, watch the video linked in the article.

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