“The Kerala Story” – flawless manifestation of brutal truth

Kerala has been known for decades as the perfect land of experimentation. Centuries before it had been the abode of the finest Hindu ascetics with the highest intellect. But from the late 1950s, the same God’s own land or the Indian state of Kerala has been an armoury of Marxism and together with this, it has been the shelter of another Abrahamic religion or Islam. Well, there is no end to hobnobbing of these two intensely extremist schools of thought and in concert, they have ravaged the entire state. So, when the detractors come up stating that “The Kerala Story” is nothing but a fabrication of truth, a despicable propaganda it evokes wrath and not laughter. These are the same people who have been rendered fortune through decades to deceive Hindus and shroud the radical Islamic manoeuvres in obscurity. Before you go, let me inform, 3, 200 Islamist sleeper cells are active in Kerala and each cell comprises 10 members at least.

Do you want to know more? Go through the video presentation of “Politically Perfect”

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