“Sengol” reminds martial prowess of ancient Hindu India

The word “Sengol” has suddenly become the highest point of debate and also detestation across the Indian political circle. While the opposition, consisting of alleged-nationalists and Communists in particular, has termed the bid of Indian Prime Minister Modiji to retain Sengol during the inauguration of the New Parliament Building as the intiation of his project of Hindu Rashtra, the Hindu Nationalists are found to be up in arms against them slamming the entire opposition as driving force of colonial legacy in India. What can be said at this juncture? Nothing but pity on you.

It seems that the entire opposition in its bid to appease divisive foreign powers has forgotten the ancient culture of India but to many this is not part of any amnesia but deliberate acts to distract the entire country. And the people’s ignorance does happen to be their greatest weapon. Literally, “Sengol” symbolizes transference of power from the alien British suzerainty to Independent India in 1947. And this is simply not the end. In ancient India, South India in particular, during the reigns of Chola, Chera or Pandya dynasties “Sengol” used to be the emblem of the transfer of power from the Emperor to the worthy successor and the entire event used to be presided by persists and pundits of highest repute.

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