“Sarvam Shakthi Mayam” – set to dash atheism

From time immemorial, the confrontation between providence and performance has been endless. In the realm of Dharma, the same is termed as an eternal struggle between Daiva and Paurush and the resultant is Karma. There have been materialist schools of thought in Hinduism that speak of Paurush while the spiritual schools of thought do concentrate largely on Daiva. And with Daiva comes Bhakti or devotion. The quest for devotion or spiritual bliss has also been endless both in the coterie and environs of Dharma. And all these have strengthened the essence of Shakti Peethas vehemently.

The latest web series of “Sarvam Shakthi Mayam” is all set to weave an appealing tale highlighting the transforming potential of faith along with the buoyancy and strength of the human spirit challenged by hordes of struggles. The entire series revolves round the personal journey of an author (proclaimed and established atheist) along with his debilitated family and the divine interventions in nature they do experience leading to their amelioration. The series stars a panel of distinguished actors including Sanjay Suri, Priyamani, Samir Soni and others. While Pradeep Maddali is director of the series, B. V. S. Ravi is the creator and B. V. S. Ravi and Sira Sri are with the writing credits.

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