Image: Rama Mattu Krishna : Hindu Dharmada Ogatugalu (Rama & Krishna - Riddles of Hinduism), in Kannada, written by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

“Rama born out of an illicit relationship, Brahma raped his own daughter”, Ambedkar on Hindu Gods

Ambedkar has always been used by the left-wing to ridicule Hindu culture and their cast system, and
spirituality. But strangely, today, it is the right-wingers, or at least the right-wing parties if not the
general audience, who identify him as their icon.

Reason can be anything, from politics of snatching of icons from the others side, in order to leave the
opposition with nothing (take the example of what BJP did with M. K. Gandhi for instance) or just to
prove themselves to be more liberal and righteous than that of the other side.

But here is a catch, on one side where the left-wing does provide his writings to back their support, right-wing parties do not cite any of his quotes as their reason to idolize him. Except for the instances where
he ridicules Muslims.

But let it put it this way, “Can anyone who ridicules Muslims, be made an icon by Sanatanis, when you
can’t even find him anywhere supporting the concept, he is being made an icon of?” But contrarily, he
can be found ridiculing Sanatana practices, to the extent of shaming and disrespecting Hindu gods and

For instance, in his book, “Riddles in Hinduism, he claims that Rama had “many wives” in addition to
“many of his concubines.”

He claims Rama to be born out of an illicit relationship.

As per Ambedkar, his quest for Sita was just a gimmick in order to maintain his respect and not something he did for love and that he “suspects her conduct and must have been spoiled by Ravana.”

Not to that, he goes on saying that Sita had made a relationship with Ravana, whose child she bore afterward, reason of which, he was left in Ashram, even after “Agni Pariksha”.

And claims that Rama used to sit midst of dancing women, drinking alcohol, and eating meat, while Sita was also not ashamed to join Rama.

In the very same book, he claims Brahma of raping his own daughter, leading to his status loss of praying worthy but cites nothing. And then goes on to put the question on Krishna being prayed worthy as he claims him to be much more immoral than the former.

Thus, it wasn’t surprising when he again at another point says that Krishna’s youth was full of illicit intimacy with the young women of Brindaben.


Furthermore says that Krishna abandons his lawfully wedded wife, Rukmini, and seduces Radha, wife of another man, and claims every act of his to be immoral.

Interestingly, though BRA disregards Krishna as a god, goes on following that very Buddhist religion whose core concept of Karma and Dhyaan Yoga (Buddha is famous for sitting in a position of) is given by Krishna himself in Bhagwad Gita. 

But now a question arises that why so much disparity in his own thoughts. He denies not just concepts taught by Krishna to Arjuna, but Krishna also altogether as an Avatara and calls him immoral but accepts those very concepts when reiterated by Buddha.

There are two reasons to it, one of which he doesn’t just accept, but even justifies. And that is that all this information he has about Sanatana dharma is based on English translations only, giving the reason that what’s value does the primary sources written in the Sanskrit language adds when most of the Sanskrit texts have already been translated. That means he was getting all this information second-hand.

Now, at that time, Max Muller, a Brit, was a major name in translating Hindu scriptures, whether it was Bhagwad Gita or Rig Veda, you name it. It was his full-time job to translate, or better say, mistranslate them.

And to add proof to that, here is a letter penned down by Max Muller himself to his wife, saying “it is the only way to uproot whatever they have inherited through Rig Veda in last 3,000 years, and will help in defining the fate of India.”

Not just that, to the “Duke of Argyll”, he writes that the second conquest should be via education. India can never be anglicized, reinvigorated.” And later he says “New national literature may spring up, impregnated with Western ideas.”

Further, his writing suggests that what missionaries did to malign Brahmins, Max Muller intends to do the very same thing to our scriptures.

Now, coming back to Ambedkar, wouldn’t it be wrong to blame Ambedkar for whatever mistranslations he read. Right?


The second reason blows his cover, which is his innate hate against Hindus and that can easily be seen in his restless nature for maligning Sanatana, whether by misinterpreting them, or even by denying what the original scriptures say.

He, just in order to prove that Rama’s marriage to Sita was that of a brother and sister, goes on discrediting the actual Valmiki Ramayana, but believes upon what “Buddha Ramayana” says (which no one knows when and whom it was written by. Of course not Buddha himself). And writes in his book, “Riddles of Hinduism”

“His marriage to Sita is not above comment. According to Buddha Ramayana, Sita was the sister of Rama, both were the children of Dasharatha.”


Another instance to prove his bias is in claiming the killings by Muslims to be more merciful than what the Shudras have faced in the cast system (which again has its basis in British translations).

In his book “The Annihilation of Caste”, BRA writes on the lines that Hindus, though criticize Muslims for force conversion by swords, but that conversion was much more merciful than the cast system.

Here B.R.A. not just easily forgets every mass rape, mass burning, mass killing, and breaking every educational institution but also destroying temples, other architectures, and every art form built by those very Shudras he claims to stand for.

Thus proving, not just “not knowing Sanksrit” and “reading malicious texts”, his own malice also plays a major role in whatever disrespect he says about Hindu gods.

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