From Sharda Shiva Krishna to “Bas Naam Rahega Allah Ka”

The Kashmir Files is not just another movie, it is THE MOVIE that narrates the plight of Kashmiri Hindus and the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide of 1990. This movie is documentation of crimes that have been committed against the children of Vitasta (Jhelum) for being Kafirs. Kafir, the same word that has been romanticized in hundreds of movies and thousands of songs but The Kashmiri Files will tell you how it is the last word that can be romanticized. Why? Because since centuries being Kafir in Kashmir has meant only three options “Raliv, Galiv or Tsaliv”. This movie is the most honest and much-awaited portrayal of “Raliv, Galiv, Tsaliv”, a slogan of Islamic imperialism in Kashmir.

The Kashmiri Files has given voice to lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus who have been gagged into silence by media, bureaucracy, elected representatives, or the justice system which could never do justice to Kashmiri Hindus. The movie depicts the seventh recorded Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus. Set in the Kashmir of 1990 when unwitting Hindus of Kashmir were met with the calls of Jihad by those who wanted to turn Kashmir into Dar-al-Islam. Hit lists, rapes, from brutal targeted killings of Kashmiri Hindus to instill fear in their hearts, to mass murders to cleanse the valley of Hindus. The movie is based on research spanning the documentation of the experience of 700 Kashmiri Hindu families who were victims of the genocide, some lost their loved ones, some lost their homes, some lost a sense of identity, a sense of homeland being exiled to live as refugees in their own country as the Secular State witnessed silently.

In the past several movies, short films, documentaries have been made on Kashmir depicting the perpetrators as “victims” of the militarization of Kashmir. The Marxist-Islamist intelligentsia and media have tried to whitewash the crimes of Islamic terrorists by turning the rise of Muslim militancy in Kashmir for the establishment of Islamic State into some sort of “peasant uprising”. An insurgency by Muslim “proletariat” armed with AK47 against innocent Kashmiri Hindus who mistook them to be their own “Bhaijans”.

The women’s rights movement that raises slogans about the hoax of Kunan Poshpora, a plot to malign the Indian army and bait the “human rights organizations” who are ever ready for the cause of intolerant, imperialist Islamic majority of Kashmir didn’t bat an eye for the Kashmiri Hindu women who were raped, brutally butchered into pieces, made to eat rice soaked in the blood of their beloved, harassed. The Kashmir Files is the story of these women too. The film bravely records the apathy, indifference, and Hindumisia of Secular State and oppressive suppression and whitewashing of the brutalities committed against Kashmiri Hindus by the Marxist-Islamist intelligentsia to paint the tyrannical Islamic imperialists as an oppressed majority.

The Kashmir Files is an eye-opener for those who think of treacherous iconoclast Sufis who destroyed temples, spied for the Islamic invaders as some sort of peaceful “saints” because of fraudulent portrayal by movies and NCERT which puts them at par with Bhakti saints. Those who wish to confront the lies and witness the truth should go and watch The Kashmiri Files. It will open your eyes to the broader civilizational battle that Hindus are facing today and an unending Islamic onslaught that they have been going through for centuries, of which the Kashmiri Hindus Genocide of  1990 is a part.

To the readers, I would say Kashmir has had a Hindu past, a glorious past representing the epoch of Hindu civilizational glory. Kashmir was the center of Sanskriti, Shiksha, Sangeet, Kala: Nritya & Natya. Kashmir, the abode of Devi Saraswati who is worshiped as Kashmirpurvasini, Kashmir is the land of Maharishi Kashyap, Kashmir is the land of Sanskrit, Vitasta, Yoga, Dharma. Kashmir of Secular State, robbed of its Hindu consciousness and washed with the bloodstream of its own progeny stands in stark contrast to the Kashmir of Kashyap.

Watching The Kashmiri Files will help you know your past which will make you understand your present better and probably make you think about what you want your future to be. It might call your conscience to take Kashmir from “Bas Naam Rahega Allah Ka” to the chants of Vedic Mantras at the Ghats of Vitasta, the sound of temple bells at Surya Martand. 

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