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Sar Tan Se Juda Attack in Odisha: Hindu youth throat slit by Muslims as his dog barked at them in Cuttack

In a horrific incident on 23rd April 2023, at about 11 pm in the Night, a Hindu youth Koushik Dey resident of Bidanasi Police Station Cuttack area limits, Cuttack Odisha was attacked with stones & his throat was slit in a gruesome manner by a group of persons mostly Muslims.

The incident happened when Koushik Dey took his dog for a walk near Gorakabar Pond & Hindol Kothi Park in Cuttack, Odisha & his dog barked at a group of Muslims who were sitting there making loud noises.

Hearing his dog bark, 5 persons namely Saik Dhauli, Saik Niyaz, Saik Qadir, Altaf & one Rajesh Sethi approached Koushik and threatened to kill him & started abusing him.

They even started attacking Koushik with Stones & Chased him as Koushik ran to save himself with his dog.

CCTV footage reveals how Koushik was running away with his dog & was chased by a group of Muslims

Amidst the attack, Saik Dhauli took out a sharp knife & slit the throat of Koushik in what we may call as a #SarTanSeJuda style of attack with the intention to kill him.
Family members of Koushik after a brief search managed to reach the spot & found Koushik lying there with blood oozing out of his throat & took him to SCB Medical College Hospital, Cuttack.
Koushik has then transferred to the critical care ICU in critical condition & was operated upon & received about 15 stitches.
As per the latest updates, Bidanasi Ps has arrested the 5 attackers.

Bajrang Dal Karyakartas Call on Police for strict action

Karyakartas of Vishwa Hindu Parishad & Bajrang dal karyakartas reached the spot & met with local police station officials gave a handwritten complaint on this incident & called on police to take strict actions in this regard citing the recent trend in attacks on Hindus by members of the Muslim community which have angered the members of the Hindu community in a significant way.

The condition of the victim Koushik has been said to be stable. Still, such an incident in Cuttack has shaken the conscience of Odia Hindus about the dangers of Radical Islam & radicalisation staring at them in the face.

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