Nupur Sharma Speaks on “Sar Tan se Juda” Threats, Calls for Dharma Unity in Bhagwat Katha

New Delhi: In an emotional address at a Bhagwat Katha organized at Ramprastha Green Campus in Ghaziabad, former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma made a major statement, marking her return to public discourse after a prolonged hiatus. Sharma, known for her controversial remarks in 2021, once again took center stage, having a powerful message directed at those she believes are opposing Hindus and Sanatanis. 

Sanatan Dharm is not mine alone

In her speech, Sharma emphasized that Sanatan Dharma does not belong to any specific individual. “Sanatan Dharm is not mine alone. It belongs to all of us.” She asserted, highlighting the collective responsibility of its followers to protect and uphold its values. She expressed her belief that God had not deemed her worthy enough to protect the religion alone, underlining the need for communal effort and unity.

Sharma’s call for unity was clear and unwavering. She urged Hindus to come together and stand strong against what she perceives as increasing threats. “But for Sanatanis, for Hindus, there is no other country. We all know this truth,” she declared, pointing out the importance of India as the homeland for Sanatanis.

Sar Tan se Juda

Sharma did not hold back in criticizing those in power who, according to her, label Hindus as violent. “People in high positions say that Hindus are violent. They call for the genocide of Sanatanis,” she claimed, drawing from observations over the past two years. She recounted the numerous attempts she believes were made to massacre Sanatanis, stating, “If Hindus were violent, a Sanatani Hindu daughter like me wouldn’t have to live in her own country with her freedom curtailed under the security cover.”

Sharma’s speech took on a deeply personal tone as she shared her own experiences. “Not just for the daughters, but no other member of any household should have to go through what I went through,” she urged, advocating for collective action and vigilance. 

In a defiant remark, she said, “If you say it, it is praised. If I speak the truth, my head is severed,” emphasizing her belief in the importance of freedom of speech and the protection of truth. “This will not work in my country. My country will run according to the Indian Constitution, not any religious Sharia law,” she declared, underscoring her commitment to constitutional values. 

Comments on Prophet Mohammad

Nupur Sharma’s speech comes in the backdrop of a significant controversy that erupted in 2021. During a TV debate, Sharma’s comments on Prophet Mohammad led to widespread outrage, not just within India but also in Gulf countries. The backlash was severe, leading to her suspension and eventual expulsion from the BJP. The incident sparked debates on free speech and religious sentiments.

Recently, BJP has accused Indian National Congress (INC) leader Rahul Gandhi of branding Hindus as violent in Parliament and displaying a controversial picture of Lord Shiva. This incident, BJP claims, resulted in an intervention from Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, highlighting the sensitive nature of religious issues in India’s political landscape. 

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